Amaranth Berry Cake
This cake was inspired by the Rasberry Lemon Almond Cake here but has been changed so much it deserved its own recipe page. This version uses oil instead of butter, and is as always Grain-free, Gluten-free.  The citrus zest gives it a fabulous aroma, and like all of my cakes, has no technique required: chuck it all in a bowl and mix it really well, throw it in the oven.  It needs a decent cooking time, so test it after 20 minutes and give it longer if it still feels a bit too “soft”
Coconut Cake
This is based on a traditional italian recipe with a few personal adjustments.  It is surprisingly light  and easy to eat.
Failsafe Banana Bread
This is a buckwheat flour recipe just perfect for anyone who hates the taste of buckwheat.  It tastes amazing, and you could give this to your fussiest eater, including “normal” wheat-eaters and they will love it too.  Its healthy enough to have for breakfast toasted or untoasted and “cake-y” enough to have anytime as a treat.  Its other big plus: its failsafe, although not recommended for the amine sensitive due to all the bananas!
Ginger Cookies (No Gluten, No Grains, No Sugar)
This is a recipe by reader Aimee Lauezzari who says “This is my adaptation of a recipe on This version doesn’t use any grains. I mix these right in the saucepan that I start with. It’s a nice little cookie and my family loves them, so much that I usually double the recipe. NOTE: The original calls for rice flour instead of arrowroot. “
Fruit and Nut Clusters Grain Free Vegan
Our good friend Joanne, who is on the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and who also cannot eat eggs was very excited to find this recipe from the Nuilife Coconut Oil company.  She brought us a sample to try and they are DELICIOUS.  These will especially appeal to those who cannot tolerate eggs, or who prefer to be vegan.  They are also excellent as a “breakfast cookie” or as a healthy vegan high protein snack.
Grain Free Dairy Free 5 minute Custard
This custard recipe is fast and easy.  You can make it without a double-boiler, it takes less than 5 minutes and you can make it dairy free.  Use coconut milk for an extra decadent treat, it tastes amazing!
Arrowroot Biscuits
These biscuits are crisp and light and keep really well.  Great with a coffee or cup of tea.  The flavour is so mild you can give them to your wheat eating friends and they will never know.  This is for a small batch of about two trays.  They are also FAILSAFE.