Fats and oils research, & easy spread butter/oil blend

This post collects together my reading on healthy fats and oils, as well as a recipe I tried to make my own easy soft spread butter oil blend.  

As a keen reader of Mark’s Daily Apple you will usually find me referring to one of Mark’s articles.  The one that caught my eye this week was this one on Why Fat is the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism.

Speaking of fats and oils, this post from Sarah Wilson’s fab blog gives a great rundown on what fats and oils we should be eating. A number of my old recipes use (gagh) canola oil or other no-no fats.  They date back to the days when I was following the FAILSAFE diet for my daughter and needed to use a low food chemical oil.  I just now automatically read/use “coconut oil/butter” whenever I see “canola oil” but I did go back and fix those old recipes accordingly so I could sleep at night.  Sarah links to the paleo website Balanced Bites, where they also have a great summary of this issue here and you can download an excellent pdf called Fats/Oils: Which to Eat & Which to Ditch here.

I’ve been cooking a few recipes lately from Quirky Cooking.  Full of delicious, often (but not always) completely grain-free, gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar free recipes, including a grain-free bread recipe I really need to try.  One this I have been doing regularly since I read it on this blog is make my own easy spread butter using equal parts of organic butter, olive oil and water.  The texture is just like margarine, it is better for my non-dairy loving husband to handle (he finds straight butter too much but blended in this way he has no problem with it, and I feel the same way).