Recommended Websites

If you know of a great resource, let me know and I will happily add it, especially online sources for grain free products.

Grain-Free Products

Websites that retail online grainfree products/foods.

  • Deeks
    Australian source for grain free bread, pasta and cakes. Ships Australia-wide.

Grain-Free Diets

Websites that provide general information about specific grain-free diets.  Often includes recipes for that particular diet.

  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet
    This is an incredible website with amazing recipes.
  • The Paleo Diet
    “The Paleo Diet encourages dieters to replace dairy and grain products with fresh fruits and vegetables — foods that are more nutritious than whole grains or dairy products.” from the Paleo Diet website. This website comprehensively covers the Paleo Diet with lots of articles and information for the Grain-free.
  • Body Ecology Diet
  • GAPS Diet
  • Primal Diet

Grain-Free General Resource

Websites that provide information that supports those following a grain-free lifestyle.  Also includes blogs and personal websites of those living grain-free.

  • Bill Giles Health EcologyThis is the website of the immunobiologist who is a specialist in how grains affect the immune system. Located in Canberra, with clinic’s in Canberrra and Bowral, NSW, Australia.  An amazing grain free resource with heaps of very useful reading and information.
  • Dr Mercola & The No Grain Diet
    Type in ‘No Grain” into the search to read a great selection of articles about grain free eating. You need to register to read the articles.
  • Grain Free Mom
    For those of you who don’t already know about Grain Free Mom, go and check out her website. She has an excellent blog or visit her facebook page at She uses Almond Meal alot so ideal for those who can’t handle quinoa or buckwheat etc, but still worth a visit if you are nut free for all the other useful tips. Her recipes are all very easy and practical for busy people.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple
    This website is an absolute must visit. Promoting the Primal Diet, it is absolutely full of amazing articles, information, recipes and more about eating primal. Inspiring to say the least. I visit this site almost every day.
  • Primal Docs
    What we have all been waiting for. An online GLOBAL directory of doctors and healthcare practitioners who are primal/grain free in their approach to health and nutrition. If you are a practitioner and would like to get listed go to
  • Nom Nom Paleo
  • Elana’s Pantry
  • Sonnet’s Kitchen
  • Chris Kresser
  • Quirky Cooking
  • ComfyBelly
    A blog using lots of recipes that are grain-free, Paleo and SCD/GAPS.  I really like her Very Vanilla Cupcakes that use coconut flour.

General Helpful Websites

These websites are not specifically grain-free, but provide supporting information that is extremely helpful.


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  2. GrainFreeLiving February 26, 2014