Metric to Imperial Conversion

With an international readership, I have had many requests for converting the recipes from metric to imperial and also to cup measures for those who do not have kitchen scales.  Grain Free Living now has a converter tool on each recipe page as well as the handy charts below:

For those without kitchen scales – you will notice some recipes now include cup measures, and I am putting together a weight to measure chart BUT I would encourage anyone doing regular grain free baking to invest in a good pair of kitchen scales. They save enormously on time and washing up.  Even a cheap set from the local supermarket would do.


125 ml 4 fl oz
150 ml 1/4 pint
175 ml 6 fl oz
250 ml 8 fl oz
300 ml 1/2 pint
350 ml 12 fl oz
400 ml 14 fl oz
450 ml 3/4 pint
500 ml 16 fl oz
550 ml 18 fl oz
600 ml 1 pint


15 g 1/2 oz
30 g 1 oz
60 g 2 oz
90 g 3 oz
125 g 4 oz
175 g 6 oz
250 g 8 oz
300 g 10 oz
375 g 12 oz
400 g 13 oz
425 g 14 oz
500 g 1 lb

Oven Temp

Fahrenheit Description
110 °C 225 °F Cool
120 °C 250 °F Cool
140 °C 275 °F Very Slow
150 °C 300 °F Very Slow
160 °C 325 °F Slow
180 °C 350 °F Moderate
190 °C 375 °F Moderate
200 °C 400 °F Moderately hot
220 °C 425 °F Hot
230 °C 450 °F Hot
240 °C 475 °F Very Hot




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