List of what is and isn't a grain

The most popular page on this website is my orginal list of what is an isn’t considered a grain.  Updated regularly.

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Zucchini Pasta

My easy low-tomato made from scratch Spaghetti Bolognaise recipe along with how to make “noodles” or “pasta” out of vegetables using a handy kitchen gadget.

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This is just a functional post to link/claim my blog over at Bloglovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.  

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Paleo Flaxseed Almond Bread

I've been doing a fair bit of reading lately into the Paleo and Primal Diets.  This recipe for a paleo friendly bread is a super easy Flaxseed and Almond Meal Bread.  It makes up in a few seconds, bakes in 30 minutes and has a great taste and texture. The recipe is on...

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About Oven Temps

It helps to know your oven...some ovens run hot, some not, sometimes you need to adjust for fan forced, sometimes not.  It depends on your oven.  Getting to know your oven in all its quirks can make a big differnce to the final outcome when baking, as you will know...

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Hidden Sources of Gluten and Grains

One of the biggest learning curves you'll need to make when embarking on a gluten-free and grain-free lifestyle is working out all the sneaky places grains lurk for the unsuspecting shopper. Its challenging for a gluten-free person but even more so for the grain-free...

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New to this website?

If you are visiting this website for the first time, or if you are new to eating a grain-free diet you can start here.   I talk about my personal journey, about the website and its history and give some great tips on what has helped me most living grain free.

My Weight Loss Story

Hey there, my name is Janelle.  I’m a 48 year old mother of two and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been cooking and eating gluten free for nearly two decades and enjoy keeping an online journal of my recipes and experience on this way of eating. You can read about how I used a grain free way of eating to restore my health some years ago by clicking the link below.

This website covers quite a journey...

This website is my personal experience of giving up grains since 2000. For many years I used pseudo-cereals instead, which are a class of seeds that are often cooked and used as a grain – things like quinoa, amaranth & buckwheat. These ingredients, while *technically* not a grain, are not paleo. It’s worth noting, that while I now live a paleo (Autoimmune Protocol) lifestyle, this website is not exclusively paleo.

We may be different, and that's ok...

Astoundingly, occasionally people get angry (or perhaps triggered) by viewing recipes that include ingredients not allowed on their particular plan or eating philosophy.  I just want to let you know this website does use alot of “gluten-free” ingredients that you may not agree are “grain-free”. This website contains my journey of nearly two decades and the older content reflects that.