Welcome to the main recipe page. These recipes represent a journey of over a decade of being grain-free and include recipes from the many different phases of grain-free eating that I have travelled through to arrive where I am currently at today.

Most Recent Recipes

Chia Breakfast Pudding

A simple breakfast that I enjoy that is compliant with the Bright Line Eating Program.  It is plant based and simple but very filing. Chia Breakfast Pudding A Bright Line Eating plant-based breakfast. 1 oz chia seeds (counts as 1 grain)4 oz cashew or other nut milk...

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Metric to Imperial Conversion

Grain Free Living is based in Australia and uses metric measurements in all recipes. Conversions of oven temps are given in most recipes, or you can refer to these metric to imperial conversion charts for volume, weight and temperature.

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Being Grain-Free & Nut-Free Baking Tips

Lots of people who can’t eat grains also have a problem with nuts – compromised immune systems often have multiple sensitivities and nuts are at the top of the tree for producing nasty reactions. Here are my tips for being grain free without nuts.

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Convert Any Recipe!

You don’t need to throw out your cookbooks. Use this list as a guide, you can easily convert any “normal” recipe into a grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free or anything else free with a little bit of know-how.

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A note about the Recipes.

Sometimes I get asked why a website called Grain Free Living uses gluten-free flours like quinoa and buckwheat.   Although technically still grain free, some of these recipes would now be considered merely gluten-free, it really depends on your point of view.  I am working on the categories so that recipes that are Paleo and AIP friendly are clearly labelled and the recipes that use pseudo-cereals are also clearly labelled.  Thanks for your patience as I work to make this website more user-friendly.

You can read about my use of pseudo-cereals and why this website includes both gluten and grain free recipes by clicking button below.