A Grain Free Cookbook Review – The Seasonal Cookbook and a special offer for GFL readers

When I was recently learning about how to cook with Kale I discovered the grain free blog In Sonnets Kitchen.

Its a great site with loads of recipes and useful tips for cooking grain free and living a healthy lifestyle in general.  Sonnet and I connected again recently when she asked me to look at her ebook The Seasonal Comfort Food Cookbook and review it for the readers of this site.





Some facts from Sonnet about her cookbook:

  • The Seasonal Comfort Food Cookbook contains over 55 recipes which are 100% free of grains, gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar.
  • The Seasonal Comfort Food Cookbook is a beautiful 164-page eCookbook in a PDF format, which means that you can access it any computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android device — anywhere in the world!
  • Each recipe contains a full-color photo and symbols to help you identify the foods that work best for your body, whether you follow a paleo/primal diet, are vegetarian/plant-based diet, or have food allergies.
  • This cookbook contains 59 recipes divided between 5 sections: cauliflower rice, soups, meat entrees, vegetarian entrees, and vegetables and sides.
  • In this cookbook you’ll also find clear directions, sample menu plans and guidelines for how to make meal prep quick and easy, and plenty of resources about eating locally and seasonally, and tips for how to stay healthy this season (while maintaining and even losing weight).


This book has some GREAT basic recipes for the grain free – one of the first things I made  from it was the Kale Chips:


I’ve read about them for ages and so glad I finally tried them.  One of the easiest recipes possible and the result is so wafer-like and crispy.  Perfect for those times when you just want to crunch on something.

I also tried the recipe for “Ground Beef Tacos with Lettuce Wraps and Coconut Sour Cream”.  Making tacos by using lettuce wraps is such a fantastic idea and based on how many were devoured by my 7 year old, this is going to be a regular meal for us.  The recipe can be easily varied by using different spices and herbs in the meat as well as different sides.  On the night I made it I added shredded cabbage to the mince/ground beef because I happened to have it on hand and made a gravy my using my homemade vegetable stock paste and some water thickened with a touch of potato starch.


This cookbook is a cold weather delight but many of the recipes are also great for all seasons.  As here in Australia we are just coming out of a very hot summer, I haven’t yet tried any of the casseroles or stews.

I really liked the included menu plans – including one for vegetarians.  As many grain-free diets are very meat based it is great to see a cookbook with lots of grain and dairy free vegetarian meal options.

On the list of things to try soon are some of the many cauliflower rice recipes (that is, a cauliflower dish that is made in such a way that it looks and tastes like rice, no actual rice is used) and a few of the grain free vegetarian options.  The cookbook has a great range of recipes and I am so glad to have it!  The recipes are very practical and easy for the busy cook and perfect for us here in Australia as we move into Autumn and the cooler months. Recipes do need to be converted from Imperial to Metric and from fahrenheit to celsius but I don’t find that a problem personally as I already use so many recipes from American websites/sources.

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The Seasonal Comfort Food Cookbook – Click here to view more details.

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