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Seed or Grain

List of Grains and Grain-Free Foods including Pseudocereals

List of Grain and Grain-Free Foods

What is a grain? What is a seed? What are pseudo-cereals? When first going grain-free it can be a challenge to work it out, especially as grains can be hidden in the most unlikely of places. This list can help you. Regularly updated.

Meatballs and Sauces all contain grains

Hidden Sources of Gluten and Grains

One of the biggest learning curves you’ll need to make when embarking on a gluten-free and grain-free lifestyle is working out all the sneaky places grains lurk for the unsuspecting shopper.

Its challenging for a gluten-free person but even more so for the grain-free as refined maize features so prominently as an additive in nearly all processed food.  So even if something is clearly labelled “gluten free” in many cases the product can still contain a grain-based additive.

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