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Coconut Cures

Just reading this very interesting book by Bruce Fife.  Coconut flour and oil are a great substitution for grain-based baking just based on flavour alone.  This book explains succinctly why it is not to be avoided as a saturated fat, and its amazing health benefits.  It will have you running to your local health food store to by up on coconut oil.

The cookbook is not specifically grain-free as he uses some gluten-free flours in some of the recipes.  However, it does have many grain-free recipes using just coconut flour so it is worth a read if only to get a feel for how to use coconut flour in your baking.

Coconut flour can’t be substituted in like many other grain-free flours.  It absorbs much more than a “normal” flour so you will notice in the recipes that they use LOTS of eggs or oil.  If you don’t understand the unique properties of coconut flour you will end up with a very dry, unpalatable result.

One recipe on Grain Free Living using coconut flour are the scrumptious Fruit and Nut Clusters. Unlike many coconut flour recipes, these are egg-free but you will see use peanut or another nut butter (notice – high fat) to produce a moist and chewy result.