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Icing Sugar


In Australia, there are two kinds of Icing Sugar. Pure Icing Sugar which is 100% powdered sugar with no additives of any kind, and then Icing Mixture which is the one that contains the added starch, which is sometimes grain-free tapioca, sometimes it is grain based corn-starch.

Icing sugar is also called powdered or confectionerssugar in USA – this is not the one I use – this is the equivalent to the Australian Icing Mixture.  For some reason icing sugar in USA almost always contains this unnecessary additive.  When making a recipe where I refer to icing sugar, I mean the PURE powdered icing sugar. Make sure you buy carefully and read the label before purchasing.  Terms in Australia sometimes refer to a completely different thing in America or other countries due to differences in labeling laws and terminology.

If you live in a country where icing sugar is grain-contaminated, you have two options:

  1. Don’t eat icing.  A cake is still going to taste great without it.  Your body will thank you for the reduction in sugar and fat.
  2. If you really love your icing and can’t find pure icing sugar, make your own. Blast normal sugar in your food processor (I have a thermomix) or coffee grinder until it is powdered and use that.