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Links and Resources that have helped me personally

I do not accept submissions or requests for inclusion on this page. Please click here to read my Site Content Policy

This policy is in response to the daily requests I am receiving for backlinks, SEO proposals, content contribution proposals and advertising proposals. The Answer is Always No…

Grain-Free Living is my personal site, something I use for my records and interests and a few close friends who sometimes refer to the content and recipes. Although my website is a public one, I am not interested in building my website audience or spending any time doing SEO or other website promotional activities.

So in response to any request for any of the following, my answer is NO:

Adding any content that is not a result of my own personal research, including adding any links to any content especially if this is requested in return for “shares” on social media of any kind.

Having any content written by anyone other than myself such as guest posts. This is my personal website and it would be like letting a stranger write in my personal diary. Just no.

Changing my platform or template for anything better. I enjoy doing everything on this website myself.

Improving my SEO. I know my SEO could be massively improved, but I really do enjoy doing everything on this website myself. I’ll get around to it eventually.

Monetizing my blog in any way other than what I already do. I have Google Ads and Amazon affiliate links. This pays for my hosting and is all I need or want to do. I am not interested in monetizing my blog any further or in any other additional ways. This blog is not a source of income to me, it’s a hobby, and I like it that way.

Resources for Grain-Free Living

Deeks – Australian source for grain-free bread, pasta and cakes. Ships Australia-wide.
Bill Giles Health Ecology
Primal Docs

Different Grain-Free Approaches

Websites that provide information about specific grain-free diets.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet
The Paleo Diet
Body Ecology Diet
Primal Diet (Marks Daily Apple)
The Paleo Mom (Auto-Immune Protocol)


I am an avid reader and enjoy reading widely on the topics of health, nutrition, paleo, autoimmunity and other topics. You can see what I have been reading on my recommended reading page.

My Favourite Grain-Free Blogs

Websites I follow that support grain-free living:

Nom Nom Paleo
Elana’s Pantry
Chris Kresser
Quirky Cooking

General Helpful Websites

These websites are not specifically grain-free but provide supporting information on health and nutrition that I have found very helpful.

Failsafe: The Food Intolerance Network
The Candida Diet
Western A Price

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  2. Hi Janelle, Larisa here. The problem with Bill Giles’ website has been fixed, we now have a new website, it is still the same address. Just clear the caches and cookies from your computer and it will allow access again. Thanks 🙂

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