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Hi there and welcome to my small corner of the web where I keep my notes to help me in my personal experience of going grain-free.  I am a very average person who for a variety of reasons have needed to maintain a grain-free diet for many years.

While I am now following the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol, this website is many years old and reflects my own personal journey, including in the past cooking with quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat, which are pseudo-cereals and considered to be grains by many people.

Even though I myself am now following a paleo approach, this is not a paleo website.  This website and its recipes started off many years ago, long before I knew anything about “paleo” and the grain-free resources were very limited.  I initially went grain-free for my husband, who has Crohn’s disease.  Going grain-free (but still eating pseudo-cereals like quinoa & buckwheat) put my husband’s Crohn’s in remission, you can read some more about that here. I personally found out I also had a problem with grains only recently, after having children and experiencing some autoimmune issues myself once I hit my 40s.  You can read about my personal experience and how it helped me lose a fair amount of weight here. It has been a journey and my personal experience continues to evolve and be refined.

Doing my first whole30 over 12 months ago represented a real game-changer for me, and one I am very grateful for. If you haven’t heard of the whole30 before, I highly recommend this free online program.  It is an EXCELLENT way to work out if grains, sugar and dairy have a negative impact on you as an individual or not.

So, if you are new to this site and would like to know where to start, here are some links that I feel are essential resources for anyone new:

The Start Here Section on Grain-Free Living – These are a list of articles written by myself over the past decade that contain many helpful tips and hints on eliminating grains from the diet.

The Whole30 website – all about the whole30 program.

The Whole9 Grain Manifesto – a good summary of why grains are avoided by some.

Marks Daily Apple – Mark Sisson is an excellent and balanced authority on all things paleo, you can spend hours reading through the archives on this site.

The Success Stories from Marks Daily Apple – There are some very inspiring success stories including people who started off in a very similar place to yourself. Have a read and you will be very encouraged by them (I certainly am).

If you want to read a book, there are many excellent books on the subject, many of which I have listed in my recommended reading section here.  Two books that stand out for me personally are It Starts With Food* and also The Paleo Approach*

* Amazon affiliate links, it costs you nothing extra and any commission I receive helps to pay for the running of this website. If you have an objection to the use of these links, you may find the books on Amazon or at most local libraries.