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Nourishing Traditions

This book is my ultimate bible.  Its not grain-free but contains many grain-free recipes and invaluable information for anyone wanting to optimise a gluten or grain-free lifestyle.  Tips include:

How to soak and dry nuts to produce “crispy nuts” – it neutralises the enzymes inhibitors and maximises digestibility and nutrition.

How to use traditional methods of soaking and fermenting to improve digestibility.

How to make your own yoghurt, kefir and cheese.

Why coconut milk and oil is good for you.

Why butter is better than margarine.

Lots of information that really demonstrates why modern methods and preparing and using grains has led to so many of us with a massive problem!!

Lots and lots of great recipes that are both grain and gluten free. Sally Fallon was one of the first cookbooks to include quinoa recipes, long before it was fashionable.