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Is cutting out grains boring and restrictive?

This is not a diet of just salad and protein.  That would be really, really boring.  And restrictive.  (I should also point out that it is NOT ANYTHING LIKE OR TO DO WITH the Aiken’s Diet or any other low carb eating plans.  This is a diet for intestinal and immune health and wellbeing, and it is total lifestyle change and it not a DIET in the traditional sense of the word, although for simplicity I tend to refer to it as that).

To my mind, the typical Australian or American diet is WAY more boring.  Think about it:

You get up in the morning and have the same old cereal (wheat), muesli (wheat) or toast. (wheat)

Mid-morning tea you have a coffee or tea and some biscuits (wheat)

Lunch time comes and you have a sandwich (wheat), a burger (wheat) or a roll (wheat).

Mid-afternoon comes and you have some flavoured chips/crisps (hidden wheat) or some tea/coffee and biscuits (wheat) again.

Then dinner time and you have pasta (wheat), pizza (wheat) or maybe a stir fry (rice)

HELLO!!!!!! You have just had the SAME GRAIN ALL DAY LONG.  And, that is the reality for most people who are even eating a healthy diet – its all wheat and rice.  It’s no wonder more and more people are feeling that wheat no longer agrees with them – healthy eating dictates that you should never eat any one food to the exclusion of all others – variety is key!

In contrast, with grain-free eating in one typical day you can have besan flour (ground chickpeas), buckwheat, quinoa, almond meal, potato flour, arrowroot and tapioca (sago).  Plus I can guarantee you will be having waaayyyyy more salad and vegetables because you are not filling up on bread and biscuits all day long.

We are however also having cakes, biscuits, crepes, pancakes, muffins, bread and pizza – all grain free and made with an amazing array of different and unusual ingredients.  Have a look at the recipe pages and also the links pages for lots and lots and amazing and delicious recipes and ideas for having a varied, interesting and healthy diet.

So, in answer to people who think that cutting out grains must mean cutting out all the fun things in life and being really boring without wheat, rice or corn….well, in my experience eating this way opens up a whole world of variety and taste, so that going back to the OLD “normal” way of eating is what will seem boring and restrictive.