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Grain Free Banana & Raspberry Cake

I’ve been making a grain free banana cake for years.  This version is the “new and improved” version and the added raspberries make it something special, but it is still relatively inexpensive to make as it only uses two eggs.  The original recipe this one is based on is here.   This version I think is “healthier” as it uses coconut sugar and coconut oil.Read More »Grain Free Banana & Raspberry Cake


Failsafe Banana Bread

This is a buckwheat flour recipe just perfect for anyone who hates the taste of buckwheat.  It tastes amazing, and you could give this to your fussiest eater, including “normal” wheat-eaters and they will love it too.  Its healthy enough to have for breakfast toasted or untoasted and “cake-y” enough to have anytime as a treat.  Its other big plus: its failsafe, although not recommended for the amine sensitive due to all the bananas!Read More »Failsafe Banana Bread