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Some Important Information

This website covers quite a journey…

This website is my personal experience of giving up grains since 2000. For many years I used pseudo-cereals instead, which are a class of seeds that are often cooked and used as a grain – things like quinoa, amaranth & buckwheat. These ingredients, while technically not a grain, are not paleo. It’s worth noting, that while I now live a paleo (Autoimmune Protocol) lifestyle, this website is not exclusively paleo

We may be different, and that’s ok…

Occasionally people get angry (or perhaps triggered) by viewing recipes that include ingredients not allowed on their particular plan or eating philosophy. I just want to let you know this website does use a lot of “gluten-free” ingredients that you may not agree are “grain-free”. This website contains my journey of nearly two decades and the older content reflects that

My Weight Loss Story

Hey there, my name is Janelle. I’m a 50-year-old mother of two and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been cooking and eating gluten-free for nearly two decades and enjoy keeping an online journal of my recipes and experience on this way of eating.

You can read about how I used a grain-free way of eating to restore my health some years ago by clicking the link below..

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