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Thermomix Quinoa and Buckwheat Bread

In the years since first making my Original Gluten Free Bread recipe, it still is a staple in our house.  Even though I am now mostly paleo in my approach the rest of the family love this bread.

This recipe is the latest version.  It remains easy to tweak so that it is “failsafe” for kids who need a low food chemical diet, and it is certainly many times better than any commercial gluten free or grain free bread on the market.  This recipe uses pseudocereals (also called pseudo-grains,  I’ve talked about it before here and here.) Here is my take: quinoa and buckwheat are not approved if you are paleo, on GAPS or SCD or are doing a Whole30.  They don’t work for everyone, I completely agree.  However, this recipe is provided for everyone who loved the original recipe and would like the new version of a nutrient dense, great textured, grain-free bread that is low food chemical and soy free.

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quinoa & arrowroot bread rolls

Gluten Free White Bread Rolls

These bread rolls are like white bread dinner rolls, similar to the Basco Brand bread mix but without the dairy (milk powder) and without the corn-based dextrose.  The quantity is enough for 5 or 6 rolls – just enough to have with soup or dinner, but the quantity can easily be doubled to make more.

This receipe is Grain-free, gluten-free, milk and butter free and FAILSAFE but does contain egg.  Enjoy!!!

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