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Meal Planning

7 days of gluten free dinners #2

This week I am making a traditional Lebanese lamb stew, a great grain free spinach pie with a crust made from almond meal and linseeds, and as I’m making a lentil stew, I shared my trick for preparing lentils for less, shall we say “digestive reaction/discomfort”.  It’s actually 6 nights of dinners as one night is always leftover night.

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What I eat on a typical day so it doesn’t get boring

When first starting a grain-free diet it can be a little freaky to have all your staple foods suddenly taken away. The following meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner show how easy it is to eat a varied, interesting and nutritionally complete grain-free diet.

These are my “generic” grain-free suggestions.  Many of these ideas are not SCD, GAPS or PALEO “legal”.  They are not suitable suggestions for everyone and it really depends on your own particular grain-free approach and health needs.  If you are following a specific grain-free philosophy you can get lots of excellent ideas for that particular approach on the websites that are dedicated to that approach.  You can find some of these websites on the links page.Read More »What I eat on a typical day so it doesn’t get boring