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List of Grains and Grain-Free Foods including Pseudocereals

List of Grain and Grain-Free Foods

What is a grain? What is a seed? What are pseudo-cereals? When first going grain-free it can be a challenge to work it out, especially as grains can be hidden in the most unlikely of places. This list can help you. Regularly updated.

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This post is for anyone visiting this website for the first time, or is new to eating a grain-free diet and would like to read about how another person has approached it. I talk about my personal journey, about the website and its history and give some great tips on what has helped me most living grain free.

Why did I go grain-free?

We personally went grain free almost two decades ago to deal with Crohn’s disease. This article will cover our reasons for going grain free and I’ll share my favourite resources that explain the science behind why going grain-free worked so well for us.

Is cutting out grains boring and restrictive?

This is not a diet of just salad and protein.  That would be really, really boring.  And restrictive.  (I should also point out that it is NOT ANYTHING LIKE OR TO DO WITH the Aiken’s Diet or any other low carb eating plans.  This is a diet for intestinal and immune health and wellbeing, and it is total lifestyle change and it not a DIET in the traditional sense of the word, although for simplicity I tend to refer to it as that).

To my mind, the typical Australian or American diet is WAY more boring.  Think about it:

You get up in the morning and have the same old cereal (wheat), muesli (wheat) or toast. (wheat)

Mid-morning tea you have a coffee or tea and some biscuits (wheat)

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Grain Free & The Food Pyramid

One of the first things I hear from people (by people I usually mean doctors and traditionally trained mainstream dieticians) minds when I tell them we are grain free is “that must be so unhealthy, you are cutting out AN ENTIRE FOOD GROUP”

Really?  Actually, going grain free is NOT always a low carb eating plan. Many people assume that cutting out grains is “completely cutting out a food group – isn’t that really dangerous and doesn’t it mean that you are going to be malnourished because you don’t eat bread or rice and pasta?”

Well, to see where this idea comes from, lets take a look at the typical modern day food pyramid:

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What is Grain Free?

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