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This page has a collection of all the main and popular blog posts most helpful for those who are either new to this website or new to grain free living.

New to this website? Start here…

This post is for anyone visiting this website for the first time, or is new to eating a grain-free diet and would like to read about how another person has approached it. I talk about my personal journey, about the website and its history and give some great tips on what has helped me most living grain free.

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I started on my grain-free journey 19 years ago when my husband became extremely sick.  He was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  We rejected drugs and surgery, which were the only options given to us by mainstream medicine at the time, and we started looking...

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Why did I go grain-free?

We personally went grain free almost two decades ago to deal with Crohn’s disease. This article will cover our reasons for going grain free and I’ll share my favourite resources that explain the science behind why going grain-free worked so well for us.

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What is Grain Free?

Going grain-free means you replace grains with plant-based complex carbohydrates. It is not necessarily low-carb or restrictive.Being grain-free is the elimination of all grains from your diet including wheat, rice, corn, barley and oats.  A grain-free diet is...

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Recommended Reading

I am an avid reader and enjoy reading widely on the topics of health, nutrition, paleo, autoimmunity and other topics. You can see what I have been reading on my recommended reading page.

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You can read my resources page to see my collection of top sites and services for Grain Free Living.