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My Top 5 Favourite Grain Free Cracker/Crisp Recipes


I love a good cracker.  They are great with dips or just to munch on generally.  So after going grain free it was great to realise that there are plenty of grain-free options for this handy snack.

Here are my Top 5 cracker recipes, including plenty of nut-free options for those who are allergic to nuts or need to be nut free for other reasons (for example in Australia many schools are nut free due to allergies, so you can’t send your child to school with food containing nuts – a challenge for a grain free family that relies on nuts, but the recipes below show it can be done.)

1: Amaranth Crackers

This recipe is one of my most popular and makes a great crunchy nut free cracker.

2: Tahini and Wholegrain Mustard Paleo Crackers

Another great nut-free cracker using coconut flour from Eat Drink Paleo, a great paleo Australian food blog.   Love the step by step photos and detailed instructions.

3: Kale Chips

Wash and thoroughly dry the kale leaves (strip off the stalks).  It’s important that your leaves are really dry to ensure a crisp result.  Tear into cracker sizes pieces, drizzle with a little olive oil and bake until crisp in a moderate oven, which takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes.  If you like more detailed instructions, you can find a good version of the recipe with step by step instructions and photos over at Nom Nom Paleo here.

4: Sliced Cucumber or any other suitable sliced vegetable

This one is so simple.  Any round crunchy vegetable makes a great cracker for dips.  I also frequently use carrot rounds or sticks, or firm crunchy lettuce leaves. And no baking required.


5: Almond flour crackers

There are lots of recipes on the web for paleo crackers made from almond meal.  Two versions I really like are from Elana’s Pantry.  The Salt and Pepper Crackers and also the Multi-Grain Crackers (which are of course grain free) are great.  You can also get a list of all the crackers from her website here.