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Instant Quinoa Baby Cereal

This recipe needs a powerful/good quality grinder/food processor.  I use and love a thermomix.

Step 1. Cook quinoa.

In a thermomix its roughly 900g of water to about 100 to 200g of quinoa in the basket, 16 mins, speed 4, 100 deg. In a saucepan its double of amount of water to quinoa (so 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa), put lid on and bring to boil, then turn heat right down and let simmer for roughly the same amount of  time, until water is fully absorbed and grains are cooked.

Step 2. Dry quinoa.

Put quinoa on a tray and spread out into a thin layer.  I actually gave my grains a pulse in the thermomix first but I am fairly certain you can skip this step.  Put into an oven on lowest heat setting (mine was 50 deg cel, which is about 120 deg F) for about 1-2 hour(s) or until grains are crispy and dry.

Step 3. Grind cooked and dried quinoa into a fine flour

Using your coffee grinder you use for grinding nuts or grains, or your thermomix if you are lucky enough to have one, grind to a fine flour.  I did about 30 – 40 sec on speed 9 in my thermomix.

OK, you now have a precooked, highly nutritious “instant” baby cereal – just add water, milk or fruit/vegetable puree.  It takes about 1 to 2 mins to thicken (about 1 tsp water to 1/2 tsp flour) to a paste very similar to a rice cereal.  I tried it added to pureed apple and it was fabulous.

It has an amazing nutty delicious aroma.