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The Candida Diet Program – A Review

Some time ago I received an email from Anna from the Candida Diet asking me if I would be interested in receiving a copy of their program, written by Candida expert Lisa Richards*.

So what is it about? Basically it is a dietary program on how to get rid of Candida overgrowth.  It explains what Candida is, what it does, why it makes us sick and what we need to do to get over it.  The program contains practical and clear instructions, comprehensive supporting information and useful printouts to keep in the pocket or bag when shopping.

When I downloaded this program I received:

  • A 133 page Recipe ebook
  • The 187 page Ultimate Candida Diet ebook
  • A very handy 7 page shopping list (which is also a great summary of the diet)
  • and ebooklet of 18 pages of Herbal Remedies for Stress and Candida.

The program costs US$37.

Now, for my comments as it relates to the grain free community or those who perhaps know or suspect candida and also need to be grain-free….

The program is very compatible with grain free eating. The only grains allowed are millet and oatbran, so if you omit them you are on a totally grain free program. On a personal note, I followed many of these principles when I did my weight-loss program and my health and wellbeing really improved, along with losing the weight I needed to lose. Most of the recipes translate well to the Australian market, although there are a couple of supplements and ingredients that may not be available here, but I think it would be fairly easy to find a suitable substitute.

I haven’t examined every single ingredient in every single recipe but I would say that the vast majority of the recipes are grain free and look delicious – very inspiring actually – usually lovely fresh ingredients.  They also use easily obtainable ingredients and simple techniques and are a great starting point any new grain free cook.  I’ll be trying a few out over the coming weeks.  Many recipes are also over on the website.

As someone who has suffered from Candida in the past, it was a timely reminder that a low-sugar and healthy diet needs to be ONGOING to successfully keep gut flora in balance. It joins my list of useful references and resources for detoxing, eating healthy and eating grain free.  Along with the program, the website has some great information, including this very useful resources page with a comprehensive list of the many research papers used in preparing the program.

[box type=”info”]*  I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t personally used and benefited from, whether it has been gifted, as in this case (and received with thanks), or if I have personally paid for a product prior to reviewing it.  [/box]